Renovation looks successful. OPPO Reno first impressions

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  • Published On: April 25, 2019, 04:36
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OPPO claims that the name of the new Reno series means renovation. Considering changes in previous products, it seems to be adequate.

The greatest impression in OPPO Reno makes a look

At OPPO Reno, I like almost everything:

  • a large screen with small frames, which is not disfigured by any holes or indentations;
  • matte and effectively reflecting light in the green version;
  • a stylish belt with a different shade that runs through the center of the back;
  • centrally located and not a camera.

I'm just lucky enough to not have a "beard" under the screen, but fortunately it's not too big.

Thanks to its streamlined shapes and matte finish (in the green version, black is more shimmering) OPPO Reno not only looks good, it also looks great in the hand.

Although the camera does not protrude by a millimeter, the manufacturer placed a small protrusion under it . This is a deliberate procedure to prevent the lenses from drawing when the smartphone is on a flat surface.

For me, it is one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market.

The first violin is played by a retractable camera

OPPO has already applied an expandable structure in last year's Find X , but I was not a fan of this solution. The mechanism hid not only the camera for the selfie, but also the main camera and - even worse - the face scanner. The mechanical element, whose lifespan was in question, was activated so many times a dozen times a day with every picture taken and each time the phone was unlocked.

In OPPO Reno, only the selfie camera and the main camera LED were hidden . However, the face scanner was replaced by a fingerprint reader hidden in the screen (otherwise fast and efficient). So if someone does not slam the selfie on power, the sliding mechanism will work rarely. And thanks to him we managed to get a beautiful screen without indentation or opening.

The camera module itself slides diagonally, which disturbs the strongly symmetrical shape, but thanks to it it looks original and intriguing.

The look is a very big advantage of OPPO Reno, but I do not hide that in terms of functionality I like the idea of ​​Samsung for the camera, which is also rotated and pulled out .

You can see that the mechanism has been quite solidly secured

Similarly to the Find X model, the camera hides (or does not extend at all) when it encounters resistance, which should prevent its damage. But that's not the end.

The camera is instantly hidden even when the phone detects ... a fall.

I checked, Reno copes perfectly with this. There is a chance, that after accidentally dropping the phone, the retractable module will not be damaged.

OPPO Reno 10x zoom is a more powerful version with a triple camera and a periscope telephoto lens

The prototype of the OPPO periscope camera was already shown at the MWC exhibition, but then it committed a slight bending of reality. The zoom was calculated in relation to the additional camera with a wide-angle lens, whereas basically all other companies consider the main camera as a reference point. Thus, the OPPO called something 10x zoom, which for others is a 6x zoom. The company did not make this mistake in the finished smartphone.

OPPO Reno 10x zoom has a triple camera with a periscope lens

In OPPO Reno 10x zoom it looks like this:

  • 1x - a photo from the main camera;
  • 5x - a photo from a periscope telephoto lens;
  • 10x - digitally cropped photo from a periscope telephoto lens (hybrid zoom).

The sensor with an ultra-wide lens has a separate icon in the camera interface.

The OPPO Reno 10x zoom has a very similar camera layout to that of the Huaweia P30 Pro.

In the demo zone I took some photos with the new OPPO and P30 Pro smartphones. Mainly to show how close the frames are in each mode.

Camera with ultra-wide angle lens:

Main camera (1x):

Camera with a telephoto lens (5x):

Camera with a telephoto lens (10x):

It is a pity that lenses with different focal lengths were missing in the basic OPPO Reno

Both variants of the phone have the same main camera. Sensors with a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide angle lens are, however, reserved only for the more expensive version of the Reno 10x zoom.

Cheaper OPPO Reno has a dual camera, in which the second sensor is responsible only for depth detection and background blur. It is a pity that the Chinese did not even try to add a wider angle, which more often even guests in smartphones for less than PLN 2,000. Reno costs 2199 PLN at the start.

At this price, however, a very large amount of internal memory deserves attention. We're talking about 256 GB, a value that is associated more with flagships and more expensive variants.

OPPO has finally thought about Europe. Yes, Reno has NFC

Earlier OPPO smartphones were cut mainly to Asian markets, which was felt, among others, after the lack of NFC on most models (even flagship ones).

Fortunately, OPPO Reno and Reno 10x zoom have NFC, so you will be able to use Google Pay and other contactless payment platforms.

OPPO Reno makes a good first impression, but will have strong competition

One of the biggest opponents of OPPO Reno will be Xiaomi Mi 9 , which is cheaper, but has a more powerful system ( Snapdragon 855 instead of 710 ) and cameras with lenses of different focal lengths.

OPPO Reno 10x zoom is much better equipped, but it is to be slightly cheaper than the Huaweia P30 Pro (it will probably cost approx. PKR 128000).

Reno, however, has something to defend

The biggest advantages of this phone is a beautiful screen without indentation, a promising 48MP camera, a very nice appearance and an extremely large amount of internal memory (256 GB in both models). Reno has so much to fight against the competition. Time will tell if it's enough.